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What is The Empyrean Chronicle?

A retired Marshal hiding out as a whiskey distiller. A princess. An assassin. A viscount playing at sorcery. A magic sword, and an ancient curse. It has all the makings of one of Elias Duana's dime-store novels. Only this is no bedtime story.

The Empyrean Chronicle is a story told in three novels (the first two already published as Reckoning and Wayfarer) following the siblings Elias Duana and Danica Duana.

Dire circumstances force Elias to take up the role of a Marshal, an order of agents in service to the crown of Galacia that serve as magically-gifted lawmen. Meanwhile, these same circumstances haunt his sister Danica, cursing her with the lingering taint of necromantic magic that was used to torture her.

Featuring spell-casting spies, fiendish magic, terrifying necromancy, war-weary barbarians, and conflicting noble houses, The Empyrean Chronicle is a sweeping fantasy story.

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